Information access and sharing is the commitment of the new CC Morocco!

L’Odalisque algérienne d’Ange Tissier CC 0 1.0

The establishment of CC Chapter Morocco is an outcome of many years of interest of the members in developing open access to scientific information and open referancial. For This, the main objective was to strengthen skills about open access, CC and open educational resources. This is how The Chapter provides an open access library to spread scientific publications and contribute to the development of local research.

This is how the platform meets the need of Moroccan society.

We organized the First Virtual Moroccan Chapter meeting on December 16th, 2020 to exchange around open access and to understand the opportunities offered by CC licenses to both share and protect creations.

Fairly nominated, Hanae Lrhoul was elected, as the representative to the Global Network Council and Moroccan chapter lead, to promote open access to information and usage of CC licenses.  

Why get involved?

  • To participate in innovative projects for the development of Creative commons licenses, open access resources and open culture;
    • To participate in our scientific events, trainings and international conferences;
  • To integrate a team of professionals from various background who share the same vision of knowledge creation and sharing (librarians, educators, information professionals, researchers, creators);
  • To enrich your professional network;
  • To integrate our international network of trainers.

Links and more information

If you are a researcher, an information professional, an artist or a creator, if you share our values of openness, transparency, creativity and equitable access to information, it’s time to join the CC Chapter Morocco to realize exciting open access project! Just imagine accessing the BNRM and questionning the Database, It is quiete the same except the service is available wherever you are!

You can contact us directly at [email protected] or at Facebook page.